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DSPect NMR Data Acquisition System

DSPect NMR Data Acquisition System The DSPect™ is a multiple Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Windows 10 Professional-based Data Acquisition Upgrade for Bruker NMR spectrometers equipped with Aspect 3000 computers. The DSPect Real-Time NMR System is designed to replace the Aspect 3000 computer including the associated computer peripherals, digitizer, pulse programmer, offset oscillators and Fourier filters. All the existing functions including the use of the SCM (System Controlled Microprocessor) are retained.

The DSPect offers an easy way to convert a Bruker AC or AM NMR spectrometer with an obsolete data acquisition system into a modern instrument. At a fraction of the cost, this solution is an elegant alternative to total replacement of the spectrometer. Regular software upgrades are available from Tecmag at no extra cost, also making the DSPect option very attractive insuring that the upgraded instrument will truly remain state-of-the-art. The affordable DSPect data acquisition system contains:
  • Digital signal processor-based pulse programmer
  • Signal averager with 256 Mbytes of memory (512 x 256 x 256)
  • Choice of dual 12-bit 1 MHz or 16-bit 500 kHz digitizers
  • High-speed (480 Mbits/s) USB 2.0 interface to the pulse programmer and signal averager
  • TNMR™ spectrometer control software running under Windows 7 Professional
  • Pulse sequence library of routine 1D and 2D experiments
  • NMRscripts® for automating any task
  • Fourier filters, direct digital synthesis offset oscillators, Bruker interface modulesTNMR Software - the NMR software



TNMR provides multiple views for display, processing and analysis of data in a familiar Windows environment.






DSPect Advantages:

  • Uses a standard Windows 10 Professional computer with Ethernet
  • TNMR software site license for instrument control and data processing
  • Fast data processing: A 1K x 1K COSY takes less than 1s
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Plug-to-plug compatibility, allowing installation without any tools
  • Cost 80% less than a replacement system
  • Remote Instrument Control


DSPect Lock and NMR Console Windows

Independent lock display window on the

PC replaces the CGA monitor.



TNMR Slow Device Channel control panel.


The DSPect data acquisition system comes with a pulse sequence library of routine 1D / 2D liquid-state and solid-state experiments, a NMRscript library for automating tasks and even a simplified TNMR interface - NMRWizard!

NMRWizard Automation for NMR


NMRWizard is a simple user interface for automated

operation of an NMR spectrometer.




Sample Changer and NMRqueue Windows for NMR


The DSPect data acquisition system supports the BACS-60 and BACS-120 sample changers.






For a small fraction of the cost of a new system, a Bruker AC or AM spectrometer can be transformed into a modern, user-friendly data acquisition system.



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