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Fourier Grave


Grave of Joseph-Jean-Baptiste Fourier at the cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris to (18th division). He was buried there on May 18, 1830. He was 62.








Fourier Communication


Beginning of a Communication to the “Académie Royale des Sciences” (Royal Science Academy) dated March 13, 1826, of which Fourier was the “perpetual secretary”.





Fourier Communication


End of the same communication signed by Fourier. The “Bon” stands for Baron a nobility title given to him by Napoleon I. Also note that both Ampère and Cauchy are named as the “rapporteurs”, those who authorized the Communication to the Academy.



Fourier Signature

The signature clearly shows that Fourier was left handed.
For more on Fourier, see, for example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Fourier




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