LapNMR with enclosure and AC power adapter for
portable applications. Weighs less than 4 lbs. (2 kg) and
can easily fit into a backpack or laptop bag.

General information

LapNMR is a broadband portable NMR / NQR spectrometer on a single board, measuring 8.5” x 11.5” and less than 1” high. It contains a DDS-based transmitter and digital receiver that can be connected to any computer, including a laptop, via USB 2.0 interfaces. The spectrometer is capable of operating at any frequency from 2 kHz to 125 MHz with a receiver bandwidth up to 12.5 MHz.

LapNMR includes TNMR™, the powerful instrument control and NMR data processing software with NMRscripts® for automation and a spectroscopy pulse sequence library.

TNMR Software Site License Included

LapNMR includes a TNMR software site license allowing the same powerful spectrometer control software that comes with Tecmag's 'full-sized' spectrometers to be used for off-line data processing.  Running on Windows 10 Professional, TNMR features a familiar Windows look and feel as the industry-leading, graphical, WYSIWYG pulse sequence editor.

Graphical pulse programming language.

Multi-views for display, processing, and analysis of data

Multiple Configurations 

Multiple Configurations:

  • Portable: available with or without a 12V battery
  • Benchtop / Rackmount: for laboratory usage
  • Single board: for custom / O.E.M. applications
  • Down-Hole NMR (82mm width assembly): for petroleum reservoir, CO2 sequestering and ground water analysis