TECMAG PRODUCTS for solid-state nmr

  • DISCOVERY 3:  One to 128 RF channel solid-state NMR console with 1 kW X-channel transmitters, 500 W 1H/19F transmitters, solids probe interface and room temperature shim power supply.  Available options include a digital MAS spin-speed controller, variable temperature unit, gradient control system, multiple receivers and a digital lock system.
  • EAGLE:  4 mm CP/MAS probe available for widebore magnets (200 to 600 MHz). Also available are wideline probes with a goniometer and low temperature (<4.2 K) cryostat probes.
  • REDSTONE:  1 to 128 RF channel milliwatt console with each RF transmitter configurable to cover 2 kHz to 3.5 GHz. To be used with your existing RF amplifiers or Tecmag provided linear class AB RF amplifiers. Numerous options are available.
  • SCOUT:  Compact, expandable, cluster-based spectrometer with DC to 300 MHz frequency range.
  • LapNMR:  Single transmitter, single receiver console with 2 kHz to 125 MHz frequency range.

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