General Information:

Introducting the new Tecmag Bluestone–a bench-top imaging console with broadband transmitter and up to two digital receiver channels that is controlled by a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer via a USB 2.0 interface.  The transmitter is equipped with fast, phase-continuous frequency modulation allowing robust multi-slice performance in a compact solution for MRI studies up to 300 MHz.

The Bluestone has a high stability oven-controlled oscillator, three axis gradient control system, External Trigger, and multiple TTL outputs. for blanking gradient amplifiers or triggering other instruments.

Advanced System Architecture:

The Bluestone utilizes advanced technology from the Redstone system but in a more compact bench-top configuration offering an affordable yet powerful console for MRI imaging work up to 7T.

Advanced Capabilities:

The Bluestone offers state-of-the-art digital RF performance: fast simultaneous phase, amplitude and frequency control, 3rd generation digital receiver for large bandwidths–together with the EM-III advanced technology pulse programmer.  Some features include:

  • Minimum pulse width of 100 ns with 10 ns resolution
  • Phase switching < 20 ns
  • Amplitude switching < 20 ns
  • Phase-continuous frequency switching < 20 ns
  • 64 Million point waveform memory for transmitter and gradient channels
  • 12.5 MHz (80 ns per complex point) digital receiver bandwidth

TNMR Software Site License Included:

The Bluestone includes a software site license for TNMR™ software allowing you to use the same powerful software for instrument control and for off-line processing of  imaging data. TNMR runs on Windows 10 Professional and is pre-configured for your application including an application-specific pulse sequence and a NMRscript® library to get you started fast.

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